The Relationship Contract

One of the newest trends in relationships is the Relationship Contract. Yes, it’s just what it says- a contract between two people who want to define and set specific terms for their relationship- and if necessary, protect their interests from their potentially ex-significant other.

How very romantic. However, it seems to be catching on and not just for those like Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan who have a great deal to gain/loose in the event they decide to decouple. No, even ordinary folks seem to like the idea of setting the terms and boundaries for their union- and how they will handle problem issues that can arise in relationships and/or its demise should that time come.

Folks have been entering marriage contracts for years- promising to cherish, obey, etc. as they take that first step into their new life together. They sign papers, enter into joint financial arrangements and tie their fortunes and lives to one another.

So, how is this different? For starters, it states terms upfront about expectations and specifics that were never really anticipated or talked about in “the old days.” It also acknowledges that dissolution of their relationship or divorce are real possibilities- and that if it isn’t working, they will move on according to the prescribed terms.

I doubt the relationship contract will impact the break-up or divorce rate either way- and it may even gives some individuals or couples a reason to pause before making the leap as it exposes feelings, concerns and issues that they may never have raised otherwise.

It’s just so unromantic…why do I suddenly feel like curling up for a few hours with Casablanca or Gone with the wind?

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