We Are Back

Hello again. If you have been to my blog before, you may be wondering about the new face you are now looking at. Unfortunately, spammers have adversely impacted us all. A number of “suspect sites” for gift baskets and Viagra had found a way to input their links into our comments section and when we attempted to delete them, we were shut out by our own system. So, we began a search for a new format that would offer us better protections and options. This is why it has been over a month since any new entries have been created.
But, we are back! Comments will now go to us for approval and we will place them on the site if they are appropriate. We love to hear from all of you and welcome your thoughts and input. Many of you have much knowledge and great resources to share with others and we would be happy to showcase them on our page.
Stay tuned for new commentary and advice on all the latest and most newsworthy dating news, trends, technology and useful resources.

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