Wes Gives New Meaning to the Term Bad Boy

She FINALLY sent him home. For weeks, many folks watched Jillian as she continued to offer Wes a rose at each end of the segment ceremony. Even though she had heard from one guy that “someone has a girlfriend and is here for the wrong reasons,” then, specifically from Jake that Wes told him he has a girlfriend and was here for the publicity. Jillian just wouldn’t or couldn’t believe it. Now to be completely fair to Jillian, she did ask Wes specifically about these allegations- and pointedly asked him about this “ex girlfriend” he had talked about. Jillian also met Wes’s family on their hometown date to Texas- and his family communicated that Wes was there looking for love and that he is a very sincere guy who is ready for a relationship. Apparently they were all in on it, which would have been hard to believe. Still, many of us had our doubts.

What Jillian neglected to factor in, or was clueless about, was Wes’s non-verbal communication throughout his time on the show. Often, his eyes would look away when he was speaking to her; he consistently maintained physical space between them, and his tone of voice and affect were incongruent with what he was saying (”I am here for the right reasons and really dig you”- coupled with poor eye contact, a flat tone and stiff posture where he tilted away from her.) Wes came across as secretive, agitated, apathetic, disinterested and bored- you get the picture. Jillian appeared to see his behavior as “sweet, laid back, cool and easy going.” Was it me or was this just too obvious for a bright, perceptive woman like Jillian to miss?

Must have been the Bad Boy factor. Just what is it about those guys? Their disinterested, bored and aloof countenance seem to say, “cool, hard to get, and confident” to too many otherwise smart ladies. Throw in the songwriting, singing, in a band angle- and they become irresistible- at least to some. As I thought about Wes, I remembered a story my spouse told me. When he was about 18, he was in a club in Boston where a friend of his was playing with his band. During a break, this friend asked my husband to hold his guitar. In the time it took the band member to go to the head, my spouse got hit on no less than three times- because he appeared to be one of the musicians. What is up with that? Enough there for another blog entry to be sure.

On a personal note, I do not find Wes to be a very attractive package- inside or out. His personality was flat compared with Jillian’s effervescence, and as I recall, he really had nothing interesting to talk about. Then there was that song he said he wrote for Jillian. Entertaining, inspiring, brilliant, and fun to listen to? Well, that’s also a matter of taste.

Whatever your impression of and thoughts toward Wes may be, I think we all can agree that he was there for the wrong reasons, deliberately deceived Jillian about it- and qualifies as a truly “Bad Boy.” After his time on the show, “everyone will (may) know my face”- but will anyone want to buy his music?

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