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Recommended Books

As you probably know; there are many books available on the subject of intimacy and relationships. The following is a list of the ones that I have found to be filled with lots of valuable, thought provoking content. They offer different perspectives and help to challenge the reader about their beliefs and behavior in this most important aspect of their lives.

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I hope you find these as useful and fun to read as I have, and that what you gain from them will help you to create the relationship of your dreams.

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The Dance Of Intimacy The Dance Of Intimacy: A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships
by Harriet Lerner

This book defines intimacy as it teaches you how to make changes that lead to TRUE intimate connectedness with others.

The Dance of Connection: How to talk to Someone When You're Mad, Hurt, Scared, Frustrated, Insulted, Betrayed, or Desperate
by Harriet Lerner

This book offers concrete advice on how to talk to your intimate others. It covers a wide array of situations and problem areas. A terrific how to guide.

Too Good for Her Own Good Too Good For Her Own Good: Searching For Self and Intimacy in Important Relationships
by Claudia Bepko, Jo-Ann Krestan

This book explores the self in relationships. It looks at a whole range of problem areas that can exist, and the dysfunctional ways they are often dealt with. Great read for anyone who has ever been in an unhealthy relationship.

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Fear of Intimacy Fear of Intimacy
by Robert W. Firestone, et al

This book explores the deeper reasons that relationships fail. It offers good insights into the role of childhood experiences on our ability to form intimate relationships in adulthood.

 If I'm So Wonderful If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single
by Susan Page

This book helps the single person to get rid of their canned excuses for not dating. It teaches contemporary ways to date and achieve love.

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI, Version 2.5) booklet
by Don Richard Riso, Russ Hudson

This is considered the "gold-standard" in Enneagram based personality tests. It is approximately 85% accurate for determining type. I use it in my CLRT course. A very useful tool.

Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life
by Jaci Rae

In her book, "Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life", Jaci Rae speaks to men about the unmet (and often poorly communicated) wants and desires of women - and offers specific suggestions and techniques that are sure to build friendship, trust and deeper intimacy. Her creative use of football metaphor, richly seasoned with wit and great delivery- keeps their attention as she offers instruction on such topics as meeting, dating, communicating and nurturing romance. Lots of great insights wrapped in a fun, sports-themed package. Yours truly wrote the forward…

Drama Kings Drama Kings
by Dalma Heyn

This wonderful book talks about the coupling of strong women and men who are too controlling or can’t commit, as they work to undermine their stronger partners. It delves into the growing trend of these women leaving less than satisfying relationships- and finding a better life without these men. A must read for all you strong and successful women out there whose men can’t or won’t appreciate and enjoy all you have to offer.

Dateworthy Dateworthy
by Dennie Hughes

A great read by Dennie Hughes (USA Weekend columnist). It explores what it means to be “dateworthy”, and how to get there if you are not. Filled with great tips and fun.

Unhooked Generation Unhooked Generation: The Truth About Why We're Still Single
by Jillian Straus

If you are a serial dater or chronically single- this book may be just what you need. It explores the what, why and how of the lovelessness that is often voiced by today’s young (and not so young) daters. Understanding the culture and its influence on dating behavior can help you to feel less alone and offer you the insights you need to find the healthy relationship you seek.

Men, Love & Sex Men, Love & Sex
by David Zinczenko

Want to know what men REALLY think about sex, love, attraction, intimacy, communication, marriage- and all things relationship? If so, this is the book for you. Here you will learn about what lies beneath how they feel and why they behave the way they do. Thousands of men answered questions for David Zinczenko, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health Magazine- and he shares them with you in this great read.

Changing For Good Changing For Good

This is a book that explains how change really occurs, and helps the reader to identify where they are stuck and what they need to do to positively and permanently alter their circumstances. It shatters the myths around the need for willpower and the role of luck in making desired changes in one’s life. If there is something you want in your life or want to get rid of- this is the book for you.

The Business and Practice of Coaching The Business and Practice of Coaching
by Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen

Life coaching is a growing career and preferred way of addressing the need for finding help to achieve goals and make desired life changes. This is a great book for anyone who has thought about becoming a life coach. It is an honest and frank book about what it takes to be successful in this new field- and shatters all illusions of “hanging out one’s shingle and having a ready flow of clients streaming in.” Yours truly is the featured relationship coach- and I describe some of my experiences and how I got there. Before you have the business cards printed- read this book.


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