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Meeting, Dating and Mating Questionnaire

How would you like to get good reliable answers to your toughest meeting, dating and mating questions? Would you be surprised (perhaps skeptical) if I told you I could help you with this? However, in order for me to accomplish this, I will need you to first list those questions for me. As an incentive, I'd like to offer you two things:

  1. A subscription to The Art of Intimacy newsletter (unless you are already a subscriber)
  2. On-going feedback regarding the questions you have provided to me.

If you are game, please give this some careful thought. The more questions I receive, the more useful will be the feedback to all of you who participate. The following are a few examples that may help jog your thoughts:

  • Where is a good place to meet men/women?
  • What qualities are important to men/women when looking to date someone?
  • Can a woman ask a man out for a date? How do guys feel about this?

These are only three examples of many, many possibilities. Please take a few minutes out of your busy day and use the form below to help me provide you with the information that would be most valuable to you as you continue your search for a happy and lasting relationship.     - Toni Coleman

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