Amal and George Clooney have adopted

The couple has just celebrated their first anniversary and have now added a new member to their little family. Millie is a basset hound who was homeless and hungry on the streets of San Gabriel last month. She was taken to a shelter and the couple saw her picture, and it was love at first sight (bark, yawn, whatever). They had another child, (uh, dog) already and the only concern was for how well/if the two would get along.

From the pictures they snapped back at their home, all looks to be going well. It took George years to make a commitment to one woman, and his canine kids may be a warm-up to the kind of parenting that requires a greater commitment. Or not.

It is possible that canine kids are all they desire and who could blame them? They appear to be having a great time together and to be very much in love. Nothing wrong with that picture. But if Simon Cowell could end up being a parent, anything is possible. Stay tuned.

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