“Age” and “Science of Love”

Two nights ago the second segment of “Age of love” was on, followed by “Science of love.” Must be the season for love… When I watch these shows, I look for significant or enlightening comments or dynamics- that could help to answer questions that many people have about attraction and relationships. Both of these have attraction and chemistry as central themes- and these are two that underlie many of the questions I receive. Here are my thoughts on what these shows had to offer this week:

In Age of love, the “20’s” were introduced to both the bachelor- and at the end- the “40’s.” There was quite a bit of hype leading up to all this, and the 40’s did not look too pleased when presented with their competition. The bachelor looked very pleased- and the 20’s seemed quite sure of themselves- as they poked fun (amongst themselves) at the “menopausal, wrinkled, over the hill” older women.

What was significant was the difference in maturity, self confidence and sophistication of the older vs younger women. During the first group encounter with the younger ladies, the bachelor seemed tense and expressed later that he had felt uncomfortable and “missed the 40’s.” He went on to say that with the older women he felt more at ease and that they were more fun, confident, sure of themselves and accomplished in their lives. This was fairly obvious to this viewer- and I suppose to many who were watching. The lesson in this one? Chemistry is NOT just about looks. At the end of the show, he eliminated one of each age category- and kept the 48 year old (oldest of the women), expressing an attraction and connection to her. Interesting…

In “Science of love,” the bachelor got to choose one woman from amongst hundreds who would then compete with a woman chosen by a variety of “experts’ who based their decision on scientific data. They evaluated a whole range of verbal and physical responses (using a variety of scientific instruments) that he gave regarding what type of woman he was looking for and felt to most attraction to. Everything from biofeedback to handwriting analysis to personality typing was employed. The two types he ended up with were very different from each other- both physically and in their personality types and interests.

Watching him interact with each woman was interesting- as he seemed to relate well to both. When on a date with the woman chosen for him, everything was engineered to make the experience as romantic and chemically stimulating as possible. In other words, the dates were also scientifically engineered. The bachelor was aware of this, and commented several times on it. He seemed to reflect at times that science may know better then him what is best for him in the long run as he hasn’t had real success doing it his way. It seemed at times as though he was talking himself into the “chosen” woman over his pick.

In the end, he chose the “chosen’ woman, saying that he felt a connection and wanted to see where science could lead him. Had this been a blind study with both women presented equally as possible mates- who knows what his decision may have been. I was left thinking it may have been the other woman. Can we engineer love and find our best mate using a scientific approach? I’d like to know how it works out for these two before I offer an opinion.

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