Celebrity Body Language

As a body language expert for TMZ’s Too Fab.com and Star magazine, I am asked to “read” the body language of celebrity couples and give a voice to their body signals. I love doing it, and am always reminded how important our nonverbal communication is for all of us in how we present ourselves to the world and especially in dating and relating to others.

Think about it, celebrities are constantly in the public eye. They are followed by photographers wherever they go who are looking to shoot those private moments they share with their significant others and families. They are very AWARE of the fact that they are being watched and recorded- yet, pictures are often snapped that reveal a private side that they do not want to share with others, understandable so.

Now compare their awareness with our almost unconscious body talk. We go through life feeling peripheral or invisible to the strangers around us. Yes, we are on our “best behavior’ during interviews, singles events where we meet and greet new (hopeful) possibilities and with anyone we want to think well of us. But consider all those MANY moments when you are unaware and a really attractive and interesting stranger is looking your way. Will they take a second look? Will what they see lead them to a desire to know more? Or will that brief first impression send them on their way, barely noticing or forgetting you an instant later?

Your nonverbal communication matters. Even though we really can’t read the whole story from a snap shot, and any true information will only come from reading behaviors in clusters and in context- first impressions are often made in an instant. Raise your awareness- that interesting stranger may come along in just a few moments.