Considering recycling your virginity?

For anyone who has tired of the hook-up and one night stand relationships- there is hope. Now you can recycle your virginity, which is to say you can set back the block and begin again, a newly reincarnated virgin. Essentially recycling one’s virginity means that you will abstain from sex, maybe until you are engaged or married to “the one.”

Certainly this practice is not completely new. Women have probably been recycling themselves through the centuries, after making a choice to change the way they live, to erase a sexual assault or for other reasons that made sense in the world they lived in. In our world of easy and open sexual relating many women are becoming disillusioned with the cycle and finding themselves wanting more than just a good time. So, they make a choice to change how they approach relating and relationships, and in doing so, take sex out of the equation. It certainly changes who and how they date- and gives them a way to get to know men without sex being the primary part of their relationship. It also helps them to get to a second and third date and see if there could be more there than the physical.

For those of you who may be rolling their eyes and thinking something like, “please, this is the 21st century and men DO marry women who DO,” that is really not what this is about. It is about a woman making conscious choices about who she will share herself with, and when. It’s about getting to know men as friends first, through casual relating, conversation, and fun with their clothes on.

Let’s face it; sex is not all it’s cracked up to be as anyone who has ever felt regrets and/or took the walk of shame will tell you. If you want something real and lasting with a guy, isn’t it worth your time and patience? Men like women who like themselves, stand up for what they believe in and have standards. It’s attractive to both sexes. So, if you want to try a more old-fashioned way to approach dating, go for it. All you have to lose are some cheap thrills and moments of intimacy that only tease at the real thing.