Meet Me at the airport

Just when you thought that there couldn’t be any new twists in the world of meeting and dating- along comes This new “dating “site allows users to connect with other travelers when they arrive at the airport and then hang out together until one of them has a plane to catch. If the connection is a good one, well, who knows?

MeetMeAtTheAirport entices visitors with romanticized come-ons about sharing drinks and conversation or even a nice dinner in the safety of a busy, and very public environment. It emphasizes that you will meet and encounter people who are from your geographic area and therefore have the opportunity to see them repeatedly, allowing for the possibility that love airport style, could blossom and grow. If you are a frequent flyer, you could work first dates into airport wait times that will always give you an out should you want one when your flight’s wheels are about to go up. They are also a great time saver for all you busy folks who have difficulty working fun and romance into your overbooked schedules and lives.

If you are really looking for excitement consider international dating, made possible by choosing to connect with flyers from abroad. The word adventure comes up often on this site – after all what is more adventurous than hooking up with strangers you may never see again in a place as public and transitory as an airport? Let’s face it, you can have a fun fling and if you decide you never want to see him/her again, it should be easy not to.

So for all you adventurous types or those who have all but given up on traditional meeting and dating, this could be just that something you have been looking for. You can check it out on