Online dating tips from an expert

Last week I was interviewed on The Healthy Beauty Show at ‘1380 am the woman’ – the first woman-talk radio station which broadcasts from St Louis, MO. The hosts, Sonja and Kara asked me to share tips and advice on online dating, specifically the do’s and don’ts, red flags, what to include or leave out of a profile- and how to handle questions that ask your age or what age (range) the man you would like to meet falls into. The discussion got lively at times as Sonja and Kara shared some of their personal experiences in online dating and what challenges and turn-offs they encountered.

There is a lot of information out there about how to be a successful online dater- from writing a great profile, to handling that first email to moving your online connection off line for a first date. We tackled some beginning basics, but I will be on the show again in June to continue the discussion.

If you have found online dating to be a disappointment and would like to learn how to be more successful in both attracting and connecting with compatible others, check out my interview linked to Sonja’s blog on

Also, check back for the next time we discuss how you can have a more successful online dating experience.