Meeting compatible singles offline

Two night ago, my 22 year old son took me to the 9:30 club in DC to hear the Irish singer Glen Hansard (Falling slowly). The 9:30 club is a well known and established venue in DC that hosts national talent and is standing room only- which can be challenging at any age. It’s not a huge place, so no matter where folks stood, the entertainment was close and boy was it good.

As I stood in the crowd, involved in the music, I also observed all the people of varying ages around me- there were couples, many singles and some small groups. Anyone who is familiar with Irish performers will know that they like to involve the crowd and tell great stories- which helps the audience to feel connected to them and to one another. As I reflected on this, I thought about what a great way this could be to meet compatible others.

At the 9:30 club there is a break between the warm up act and the main one that lasts about 45 minutes. The way the place is set up, people can move around throughout the performance and it’s easy to mingle or share comments/observations with those around you. It’s laid back, comfortable and there is a bar for drinks- alcoholic and otherwise. No doubt there are many similar establishments around the country that host top performers like this.

Meeting someone this way guarantees that you will have at least one thing in common- a similar taste in music. It’s also likely that you would both be comfortable in an informal setting and willing and able to stand on your feet for several hours- then take the metro or grab a cab back home. It feels very different from the bar scene, and anyone could go alone and not feel alone.

If you love music, consider checking out the offerings in your area. Along with places like the 9:30 club, you may have access to free concerts in the park or paid outdoor venues (like the Barns at Wolf Trap) here in Northern VA, where you can get seats close to the stage or sit on the lawn and enjoy a picnic as you listen.

I’m always being asked about best ways to meet new people and this is one relatively safe, not terribly expensive, and fun way to meet compatible others.