Drama Kings and relationship deal breakers

We have all heard the term “drama queen” but never “drama kings” until Dalma Heyn came out with her insightful book by the same name; Drama Kings- The men who drive strong women crazy. Essentially, Ms. Heyn ‘s book is about those toxic men who are driving women crazy- and are leading to a greater number of women choosing to leave their relationships and these guys behind. These men are often smart, charming, takers who are feeling impaired and unable to be one half of a healthy, intimate relationship. I love this book and have recommended it to a number of my strong, independent, smart and successful female clients who are in these toxic relationships and are struggling with if and how to get out of them.

One of my clients came in last week with this book in hand and announced that she had read it the week before, had bought two copies and had already recommended it to a number of her friends. Wow, seems like there may be more of these guys around than even I once thought. This client also announced that she was finally able to break off with this guy because she realized that he and the relationship would never change. Essentially, she had not gotten her needs met for a long time, but had hung in there trying to be understanding, supportive and strong. This book helped her to see that even with all that, he wouldn’t change until and unless he was motivated to do so.

I decided to blog about Drama Kings to get the word out to all you women out there who may be in relationships that don’t meet your needs, require you to do all the giving- and often leave you feeling like it is all your fault. If this resonates with you, run, don’t walk to the nearest bookstore or go online and get Drama Kings.