Hell hath no fury like a woman with a Lulu app

It was probably just a matter of time. Someone was going to come up with an easy way for women to get back at men who have scorned them. Yes, sites have grown up over several years that allow women to rate their dates and provide the scoop on this or that man. But this one is an app. Meet a guy in a bar and go to your app. A new cute guy begins working in your company, app him. No more will women have to scroll through listings that may contain a guy’s name to find background and other information that she can piece together to decide if he is worth dating/pursuing. This is one stop shopping for anyone wanting to quickly weed out the good ones from the bad. Wow, what if women use this to get revenge, sabotage a guy’s chances because if they can’t have him, no one can- or just feel like being mean because he wasn’t into them?

It’s interesting that there are no sites/apps for men like this to check out women. If there are, I have never heard of them. I first heard about this one from a very successful, attractive guy who has women THROWING themselves at him- someone who is in the limelight and a guy “everyone wants to be seen with.” He said women are all over this app, and he is fairly sure he has been rated several times. He’s a very respectful and “nice” guy who has many women friends….no one is safe, no one.

Apparently the app has menu choices for what someone can say- in order to limit how far someone may want to go. It does add controls, but tell that to the guy who has been painted in a bad light as a bad date, boyfriend, etc. Women get to rate a guy based on their looks (ouch), sense of humor (subjective), willingness to commit (maybe not to HER), and their best and worst qualities, according to the rater.

Users log in through facebook and women can rate all their male facebook friends. Note to men, delete and block her immediately after break-up. Reviews are anonymous, but users must tell what the relationship was with the guy they are rating (choices provided). I thought we had the right to confront our accusers…

I am the mother of three sons (and a daughter) and this doesn’t sit well with me. My guess is that really cool, fair-minded girls wouldn’t use this thing- but their friends might and try to poison a great girl against my son (s). What’s next, wives rating husbands on their sexual skills, hygiene, work ethic, smarts or lack thereof?

Before using this app ladies, you may want to put yourself in a guy’s shoes. Would this be OK if it was the other way around or would words like pig and Neanderthal be connected to it? Relationships are built on respect and trust- talk about getting off on the wrong foot right out of the gate…