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Are you seeking help for a relationship problem? Have you been searching online for specific relationship advice and been frustrated by the one size fits all answers that you have come across? Ask the Couples Therapist is looking for your relationship questions and if they are selected for use in this column the relationship help contained in our answer will be specific and immediately actionable. Perhaps you will find an existing column here that has the answers you seek or helps you to at least find a place to start addressing your relationship challenges and issues.

We encourage you to visit this page often, and as always we welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and feedback.

Our archived relationship columns are below- the list is frequently updated so be sure to check back regularly.

Couples Coach Columns

Relationship Challenges
Is his affair the end? 6-2012
Now that we are married he doesn't want kids 6-2014
The married "single parent" 7-2014
Second Wife and playing Second Fiddle 8-2014
Celebrating Father's Day When You Are Infertile 6-2015
Wants the Picket Fence Now 7-2015
Relationship Stage Challenges
Haunted by a first love 10-2014
Help with Conflict
Couple heading for a sleep divorce? 8-2015
Emotional Estrangement
Is my husband having an affair? 2-2014
He's taking custody of our mutual friends 9-2014
Emotional and Physical Affairs
Seriously Considering Divorce 12-2014
Is Facebook ruining my marriage? 3-2015
In-law Challenges
Mother-In-Law Blues 11-2013
Mother-in-law sticking us with the tab 5-2015
Managing Life's Crisis
The first single parent Mother's Day 5-2014
Confronting Unacceptable behavior
The addicted spouse 1-2014
My partner and I are great together except? 11-2016
Compatibility Challenges
My Type C- Husband 11-2014
The Financially Incompatible Couple 12-2016
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
The Angry Spouse 3-2014
The Struggling Newlywed 4-2014
Having a "Good" Divorce
Considering remarriage--to my ex 2-2015
Dating After Divorce
Regretting divorce 1-2015
Help With Communication
Co-parenting after a divorce 4-2015
Problems with communication
Is it really money you are fighting about? 12-2013


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