Seals and the passion for “real men”

Since the May 1st storming of bin Laden’s compound and subsequent death, all executed by SEAL team 6- there’s a new heartthrob out there- the SEAL. These men are an elite fighting force, the strongest and most fearless warriors in the US- and women everywhere are humming, “I need a hero.”

What is the attraction to a very masculine, strong, and fearless guy? Essentially, it all goes back to biology. Women are programmed to seek out men who can take care of them, protect them- and most of all, protect their young. Think about it- all those romance novels that sell so well, the popularity of the moonlight movies and vampire books, action movies featuring cartoon super heroes, and real-life ones like Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Sylvester Stallone. What’s the common denominator? Strong, well-toned bodies, heroic acts in the face of great danger, winning against the evil and dangerous bad guys and always rescuing the woman in distress. It’s enough to make every red blooded woman swoon.

I predict a plethora of books and movies coming out that feature SEALS saving the day, the country, and the woman. Seals will join the ranks of leading men in the fantasies of women everywhere. Move over Arnie, Sylvester, and Hugh- there’s a new breed of hero in town.