True love is helped along by the size of one’s bank account

Market research firm, YouGuv conducted a study for the insurance company Haven Life. They surveyed more than 1,100 people who were asked “What amount of hidden debt in a relationship would lead you to break up with someone?” For 70% of respondents 5,000 would be a deal breaker. One in five of those surveyed admitted to having debt that their partner does not know about—yet some of these same people would dump a partner for the same thing. Very interesting.

“Financial infidelity” appears to be alive and well—as a couples therapist I see my fair share of it. According to various surveys about one in five people in a relationship admit to spending $500.00 or more without their partner’s knowledge; and others admit to hiding bank statements, bills and cash from their partners. It’s clear money is an issue and flash point for couples and they apparently fear coming clean about their spending habits and financial health and habits.

The good news is that if you are frugal, you will be more attractive to potential partners. This could actually be a focal point in an online dating profile. A study conducted in 2013 found that people were more attracted to a picture of someone once they knew they were a saver and not a spender—talk about foreplay.

When couples split, money is often a key issue—who gets what, who did what with joint money during the relationships, who paid for what, etc. The bottom line? Check out their financial status before jumping into commitment. Suggest you exchange credit scores with a “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine.” Money matters, no matter what you hear to the contrary.

Secrets partners keep

The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch section ran an interesting piece titled “10 things your spouse won’t tell you;” and as a seasoned therapist and couples counselor- I can testify to how right on it is.

What 10 things did they list? Your spouse won’t tell you that:
• They spend more money on their lover than you (if they have one)
• They have a secret bank account (if they do)
• They have strong feelings for their “office spouse” (if this is so)
• They bought something they know you wouldn’t want them to, or they lied about the cost
• How much they earn- they often underestimate the amount more than inflate it
• They like the fact that they make more money than you (if they do)
• They hate being the breadwinner- many women feel this way but don’t tell their spouse
• They married you for money- if money played a big role as it often does, they won’t share this
• Honesty about money means more than fidelity- surveys showed this surprising preference
• They spend a lot on your gift to impress the beautiful saleswoman- men care about what attractive strangers think

The bottom line to this piece is that MONEY MATTERS. Hearts, flowers, chemistry and passion aside- money can make or break your dating. relationship or married life together. Make sure your finances are in order when you set a goal of meeting that right person. Check your credit score and address any issues, pay down credit card balances, school or other loans and work on building up savings. It may be very unromantic, but money matters and it has become a major part of attraction, chemistry and mate selection- for both sexes.