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Media Room - Fact Sheet

Contact Information:
Contact: Toni Coleman, President of Consum-mate Relationship Coaching
Telephone Number: 703-847-1768
Fax Number: 703-760-5014

I am the founder and President of Consum-mate Relationship Coaching, a successful coaching practice that provides singles with the help and advice they need to achieve lasting, healthy relationships. Our focus is on singles who are in need of help with such areas as relationship readiness, problems with intimacy, meeting and dating difficulties and other issues that create blocks to healthy relationship building.


  • Member of The International Coach Federation
  • Member of The National Association of Social Workers
  • Member of the Washington, DC Chamber of Commerce
  • Holds post-masters certification in the NLP and Family Therapy Training Program from The Family Therapy Institute
  • MSW in clinical work from The University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • BA in education and psychology from Salve Regina University

Professional Background:
Psychotherapist, teacher, consultant and manager in private practice, non-profit, for profit and government human service agencies. I was a full-time psychotherapist in private practice for ten years before transitioning into coaching and founding Consum-mate.

Profile of my Coaching Clients:
Single adults who need help with meeting, dating and/or establishing healthy and mutually satisfying relationships. Coupled but unmarried, and married adults who need help with relationship issues including but not limited to--problems with communication, conflict resolution, moving on from infidelity, handling a break-up, and moving on from a divorce or death.

Profile of my Psychotherapy Practice Clients:
Adults 18+ years of age seeking help with depression, anxiety, grieving a loss, handling a life challenge or crisis, and/or issues related to work relationships, work stress, or workplace dysfunction.

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