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Media Room - Radio and Television

If you are looking for an expert to interview on any topic related to building healthy, lasting intimate relationships; you have come to the right place. I have also been interviewed for stories relating to dysfunctional attractions and patterns in dating and relationships.

As a psychotherapist and relationship coach with many years in this field; I have gained a great deal of insight and expertise into what determines long-term, stable relationships as well as what factors and characteristics lead to destructive and short-lived ones. I am articulate, outgoing and believe fully that people can LEARN to be successful in this very important area of their lives.

I can speak on issues relating to all aspects of relationships. Relationship readiness, meeting and dating skills, healthy intimate communication and factors that are present in lasting, happy relationships, are just a few examples of the topics I am experienced in presenting:

Valentine's Day can be especially hard for guys- who often feel a lot of pressure to get the "perfect" gift, that communicates just the right amount of caring and thoughtfulness. Listen to me as I discuss this issue with three male hosts on the Good Morning Loudoun show (WAGE Radio, 1200 am, Leesburg, VA) (mp3, 9.14MB)

Listen to me speak about relationship readiness, online dating, utililizing healthy communication and finding the right chemistry. (mp3, 10.7MB)

Listen to Jaci Rae interviewing me on tuning up your relationship for the holidays and handling holiday stress. (mp3, 88MB)

If you would like to have me as a guest on your radio or talk show, please email me or call 703-847-1768.

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