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Divorce mediation

The Un- Divorced
There is a growing trend of couples remaining separated for long periods of time without moving towards divorce. Here are the thoughts I shared regarding this trend with the writer of this piece for the New York Times.

Secrets of a Second Marriage: Beat the eight year itch
Second marriages have their own unique challenges. However, what folks learn from their first try can help them to find greater happiness and success when they remarry. Elizabeth Bernstein of the Wall Street Journal asked me for my input on this popular topic.

When you mix your ex with social media
Staying connected with an ex through social media means you will have TMI about him and his life without you. Are your really wanting that?

Study says divorce too expensive for poorest Americans
Divorce is expensive, time-consuming, messy, and leaves a lot of emotional fall-out. However the cost seems to be the #1 issue for couples.

After divorce, 5 tips for singles
The newly single can encounter many problems and surprises when it comes to jumping back into dating. Here are some good tips.

6 financial mistakes newly singles make
Being newly single certainly has its challenges. A primary one for many folks involves the handling of their finances. here are some important tips and facts to consider.

Post Christmas Break-up--Who keeps the Gifts?
Breaking up is hard to do, and deciding what gifts should be returned can be a challenge. Should the engagement ring be returned if the engagement is called off? Here's what I said.

10 things no one ever tells you about getting divorced
Divorce is hard, almost everyone knows this. But folks are still taken off guard by the unexpected fall-out they experience. If you are getting divorced, this piece will help you to be better prepared.

4 reasons why you should never feel ashamed of your divorce
It can be natural to second guess yourself following a divorce. The emotional fall out can be unexpectedly challenging, as can the reactions of those around you. This piece may help you cope if you are having a crisis of confidence in your decision.

Why do celebrity marriages fail more often?
Celebrities have the highest rates of divorce. Why is this? What is it about their lifestyle and the unique challenges of it that leads them to splitsville so often? They rest of us can learn something from them.

7 signs your partner and you are not meant to be together--based on how you argue
A problem with communication is the #1 cited reason for couples coming into counseling, and for those who eventually decide their differences are irreconcilable. Here are 7 signs that your communication will lead/had led you to splitsville.

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