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Valentine's Day Tip: Don't Go Overboard
See what I had to say to ABC News about handling Valentine's Day.

In Search Of: The Perfect Personal Ad
Read my advice on Discovery health for creating the right personal ad for you.

Pic-up Lines That Work- or Will They?
Want a quick education in using the right pick up lines? See what I have to say in a Discovery Health article.

New Year's Resolutions
Have your read my popular article on setting and keeping New Year's resolutions? Read it here on the Larry elder Show's website.

Man Crush
How important are a guy's male friends- and why? Read my thoughts on male bonding.

Dating 101
Dating can be a tough game for many people. Here in Washington, DC daters have to deal with the job-challenged, workaholics- and the unique mate shopping lists that people here often have. Read my quotes in this Washington Post article on Dating 101 in Washington, DC.

On-Dating Column in The Washington Post
Ellen McCarthy, writer of The Washington Post On Dating column asked me to suggest a good cheap date idea for these Recessionary times. Here's what I had to say.

When Your Significant Other Meets The Family
Are you planning on bringing your new love interest home to meet the tribe? If so, you may want to read over the tips I shared with CNN.

Romance On The Road
How do you handle a long distance relationship? Or do you? See what I said in Pulse- Hofstra University's student magazine.

Rekindling romance for Valentine's Day
I was asked by Washington Post reporter Lavanya Ramanathan about how couples could rekindle their romance on Valentine's Day- and if it even possible to do so. Read what I had to say.

Domestic Drama: On-Again, Off-Again
Why do couples repeatedly break up then make up? Read my thoughts on this topic in Psychology Today.

Top 11 Cosmo relationship tips, applied to Obama and House Republicans
Based on's Best Relationship Tips Ever, here's some advice for President Obama and the new Republican majority as they build their relationship, brick by brick. See who's quote is used first...

Four tricks for communicating with your man
Do you feel that communication problems are a key issue in your relationship? Perhaps you just end up going around in circles or somehow just never seem to move forward or resolve things due to an inability to get the right message across. Read my communication tips in this piece written by Jodie Gould for Women's Day magazine.

5 ways to heal a broken heart
Are you trying to recover from a painful break-up? Are your stuck in grief and seemingly unable to move forward to a new life without that person? Read this great piece that includes my tips for how to heal a broken heart.

Interview with Sonja and Kara on The healthy Beauty radio show at 1380 thewoman
The hosts of The healthy Beauty radio show on 1380 the woman in St. Louis, MO interviewed me on what to look for and what to say in an online dating program. Click the link and you can listen to the show.

The advice couples therapists give their friends
Redbook magazine asked me to talk about relationship advice I have given to friends. Click below to see what I had to say.

How to cope when you and your partner are falling out of love
It's ironic--the very traits that often attracted us when we first met our partners can becomes the things about them that drive us nuts or drive a wedge between us. Read this useful piece from Elizabeth Bernstein from The Wall Street Journal--that includes my take on this issue.

For Democrats and Republicans, it's happily never after
Are you single and looking for a partner? You have your list of wants and then a few deal breakers--and political affiliation is one of them? If this is an issue for you, or could be--you will enjoy this piece from NPR that I'm quoted in.

Cosmo's best relationship tips
Want to read a round-up of Cosmopolitan magazine's 13 best relationship tips? I was asked for mine and you can find it here.

Is Taking a Break Ever a Good Idea For a Couple?
If you are considering taking a break from your relationship or your partner has suggested it-- you may want to give it some thought before acting on your decision. Read this great piece from The Chicago tribune on taking a break, in which i am quoted along with other relationship experts.

The Quater-Life Crisis
Medical Daily has a great piece titled--The Quarter-Life Crisis: 'Peter Pan' Generation Prone To Blues In Real World Transition. Yes it exists and here are tips on how to handle it from experts including myself.

10 things women who get cheated on have in common
Great piece from Woman's Day magazine. Are you at risk of being cheated on? See my quotes in this important article.

Six fun date ideas women and men will both love
Are you a boomer looking for some great date ideas? Read my suggestions in the piece originally written for and also seen on Huffington Post.

The pros and cons of online dating
What are the pros and cons of online dating? I shared a few pros with Quality health.

Credit scores are an important factor in dating
If you are single and actively dating--make sure you have your financial affairs in order. Daters today are more practical than in past generations and things like credit scores, and debt to income ratio factor into dating success. Want to hear more and see my quotes on this important issue in US News and World Report?

People often say they are sorry, but do they mean it?
We hear "sorry" often from people after they have wronged us or someone else. So how come it just doesn't help sometimes? How is it that we just know they don't mean it? How can we make sure folks know we do if it is our turn to say, we are sorry?

Mars and Venus: How Men and Women Process Emotions Differently
We really are coming from different places--and it's all about how our brains are wired that makes us that way. Understanding this will help to bridge the gap in understanding between the sexes. Behavior is not just deliberate, it's also innate.

Science says couples in lasting relationships typically wait this long to start having sex
It's a question that everyone in a new relationship asks themselves. When is the right time to become sexually intimate? There are many conflicting views on this and often it seems to come down to who you ask. Here is a peek at what science says.

Is staying friends with your ex on social media a good or bad idea?
Should you stay connected with your ex on social media? It all depends. Here are some pros/cons and thoughts.

Do men take longer to get over their exes?
NBC did an interesting piece on how men take longer to recover, and struggle more, following a break-up.

Prince William and Prince Harry out of sync at Princess Diana event
Pure Wow asked me for help in understanding how the two Princes were feeling and interacting at an even for their mother, Diana. Their bodies said a lot.

What is Micro cheating and is your partner doing it?
Yahoo asked me to weigh in on a piece about what behaviors could pass for micro cheating. You know, those subtle, hard to quite to pin down things that just don't feel right.

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